Material World: Railway Square, Sydney

This work echoes the idea of the vanished colonial gateway to the city. Using anamorphic perspective, and digitally stretched and elongated images, the four light boxes play with perception and the changing position of the viewer - appearing to move as people rush past. Every now and then, the hidden image of a face appears and then disappears.

The viewer moves through saturated colours reflected on the ceiling of the tunnel. These reflections themselves compress and stretch depending on the position of the viewer, and change in intensity as you move along.

The work extends above ground to a series of anamorphic images ceramic-etched onto glass windscreens, and steel ribbons in the light towers.

This project was commissioned by Sydney City Council. The lightboxes were fabricated by Claude Neon, and Tranny's made the Duratrans prints. Noel Bell Ridley Smith were the overall project architects. I was not able to select my own fabricators. The light towers have never been fully functional amd no maintenance has bene carried out on the site since 1999.